When it comes to the changing landscape of the motor carrier industry, Bluetooth enabled devices are certainly the up-and-coming trend that should be avoided; the National Security Agency (NSA) called Bluetooth “inappropriate” for sensitive operations and advised users to turn off Bluetooth capabilities whenever possible to minimize security risks.

Other than risk of exposing fleet vehicles and their safety to hackers (or anyone with a Bluetooth connection and a smartphone) there are also reliability issues with connectivity and loss of data. Anyone who has used Bluetooth headphones can tell you that if your phone is merely in the wrong pocket- you will lose connection.

The ELD Mandate: Bluetooth vs. Telematics from FleetUp on Vimeo.



The unreliability of Bluetooth connectivity and loss of connection is resulting in consistent failure of inspections. This has lead to a massive industry-wide search for comparative knowledge and non Bluetooth devices. Which ELD is going to keep you in business?

Besides Bluetooth, there are a plethora of diversified features across many available ELDs. We have compiled a list of the most relevant ELD providers with a feature matrix for your convenience.

ELDs fit into two categories: point solution (an ELD that only solves compliance) and ELDs that are part of a FMS (Fleet Management System) -these ELDs are actually the cheapest as they provide a ROI offsetting the actual cost of the ELD itself. An FMS can also boost profitability in other areas we well.

If an ELD uses Bluetooth and is integrated with a FMS, the lack of connectivity will lose the logging data (causing inspection failures) as well as lose the efficiency data, thus rendering the FMS inaccurate and possibly unusable.

The technical limitations and bad press surrounding Bluetooth is proving to be an unreliable solution, FMCSA Instructor Samuel Mayfield believes that “Bluetooth ELDs may become revoked as early as next year.”



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Fleetmatics FleetUp Geotab KeepTruckin Network Fleet NexTraq Omnitracs Teletrac Navman Telogis
FMCSA Compliant ELD-
IFTAAdditional CostIncludedAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional Cost
FMS platform----
Voice Over HOS--------
10 minute installation-------
Hidden installation--------
24/7 Live Support--------
10 second GPS--------
3G Network - Non Bluetooth--------
Specialties-Ease of Use (User Interface) Fuel Cost Savings, Maintenance LogGPS Jamming Detection (Log)Driver ScorecardRoadside Assistance (Allstate, 4x per Vehicle, per Year)---Route Management
Live MapGoogle Maps API; 120 Seconds10 Seconds GPS Location Update, Google Maps, ETA100 Seconds60 Seconds120 Seconds120 Seconds120 SecondsGoogle Maps API; 120 Seconds120 Seconds
Fuel ManagementNo Fuel DataAccurate Fuel Data per Trip from Engine Fuel Analysis ReportFuel ReportFuel ReportFuel ReportNo Fuel DataNo Fuel DataNo Fuel DataNo Fuel Data
User InterfaceOutdated; Requires Specific TrainingUser Friendly, Ease of Use CloudBetter Than Industry AverageBetter Than Industry AverageOutdated; Requires Specific TrainingOutdated; Requires Specific TrainingOutdated; Requires Specific TrainingOutdated; Requires Specific TrainingBetter Than Industry Average
Current as of 2018



FMCSA Instructor Samuel Mayfield answers your questions about compliance, exemptions, and which ELD is the right ELD.

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Bluetooth isn’t the only danger to ELDs. Many ELD point solutions are in a race to the bottom in terms of price- develop the cheapest device that barely qualifies as compliant and put it in the market for a fraction of the price of the competition.

All this does is flood the market with cheap, unreliable, and dangerous temporary solutions. The most affordable ELDs do not come with fleet management capabilities at all, and therefore, they provide zero ROI. Telematics solutions with an FMS attached might be slightly more expensive, but the ROI can be massive and return much more than the cost of the ELD itself.

ELD MANDATE DECEMBER 18Many fleet owners are hoping that compliance will be delayed or that the mandate will “go away” once the total economic impact of the mandate is apparent- and these folks are waiting until the last minute or even worse, going after the cheapest compliant device “just in case”. Don’t make this mistake…

As the FMCSA vets the validity/effectiveness of devices, many of the will become revoked and will need to be replaced even if you are still in contract with the provider of a non compliant ELD. This will also have a major impact on the already dwindling availability of ELDs on the market.

The best move to make here is to become compliant with a safe and trusted ELD before the supply and demand shifts (ELD shortage could possibly drive monthly costs higher than they are now) that utilizes cellular technology and requires minimal setup/install time and driver training.



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